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Been years of researching in Vietnam stones. Omni has mastered in variety of Vietnam stones which are stabale in stones colors, controlled color variation and stones’ natural quality.We are proudly present the following stones which has the great quality and market prices :VG PM White / VG 614、VG GL White / VG 635、VG AK Grey / VG 654、VG GL Pink、VG HK、Grey / VG 664、VG PC Violet、VG Red Granite、VG SL White/ VG 603 Etc..

Black Basalt
Encaustic terrazzo
Outdoor terrazzo
Ventilation block
VG 614 (VG PM White)
VG 635(VG GL White)
VG AK Grey
VG GL Pink
VG 664 (VG HK Grey)
VG PC Violet
VG Red Granite
VG 603 (VG SL White)
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